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Help for Bruxism or Teeth Grinding
The cause(s), symptoms, and treatments of Teeth Grinding or Bruxism are a confusing array of possibilities such as:  a sleep
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Invisible Dust Accumulates
After a thoughtful moment of staring at me, Hapkido master, Mr. Kim, declared: “Invisible Dust Accumulates.” Puzzled I politely asked
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Third Eye Induction Method
Third Eye Induction Method by David Mazer Client rubs his face and spaces out. Space Face. Go through visualization of
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Shockwave Flash Plugin Crash Problem Solved By Disabling the Plugin
Shockwave Flash Plugin Crash Problem Solved by Disabling the Plugin Brief description of the problem: The computer slows down, hangs-up,
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How to Talk with Your Subconscious
This article is in progress…. You want to do something or stop doing something, change a habit, or make a
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Dreams and Hypnosis
Dreams and Hypnosis To dream: or not to dream, that is the question. Preface: This is a unique moment in
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Hypnosis as Attention. Hypnosis, Buddha, and Einstein
Foolish, ignorant people indulge in careless lives, whereas a clever man guards his attention as his most precious possession. –
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What is Hypnosis
What is hypnosis? It happens all the time Entranced by mobile device Staring off into space Transfixed in reverie Unaware
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