Canker Sore Miracle Solution = Nutritional Yeast! Part 2

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orCanker Sore Miracle Solution = Nutritional Yeast! Part 2

Big Surprise!

My article Canker Sore Miracle Solution = Nutritional Yeast! is a smash hit! Well, maybe a sensation.

It is surreal. They like the web design and how fast it loads. They have reached the end of their long quest for relief from canker sores. There were some “thank yous” and a few commentors¬† actually said “I love you” and “keep up the good work”.

Web analytics indicate that people all over the world are frequently reading the article. I am stunned.

One commentor called for a Part 2, and here it is!

Part 2 expands upon the original article, adding explanations, a few anecdotes, and some thoughts.

Magic Moment

There was a moment when time stood still, the comments were pouring in, people were deeply touched, thanking me, even (gasp!) sending love! Time stood still for a magic moment of sharing and caring.


Canker sores were the bane of my existence. I scoured the internet for years experimenting and consulting physicians and dentists to find an answer. Pieces of information are scattered all around like a jig saw puzzle. There must be thousands of articles, some conflicting, and who has the time to sift through it all? I spent many hours sifting through the data. My article pieces it all together into a comprehensive and easy to understand guide. It is written in a terse style, like a sutra, for clear and concise instruction. Even a space alien or an archaeologist can understand it.

The answer was right there all along, it was just a matter of connecting the dots.

The Key

After reading that vitamin B cannot be stored in the body, and that vitamins B can stop mouth sores, and that vegetarians are especially prone because they miss the vitamin B source found in meat, I reasoned my vitamin B levels could be low. I began taking vitamin B in the form of nutritional yeast regularly for a couple of weeks and had remarkable results. (Disclaimer: This is not medical advice and please ask your doctor).

Vitamin B wither art thou?

The grocery store shelves are stocked with many different types of vitamin B tablets and they cost a pretty penny to boot. Some vitamin tablets are synthesized. For example Theoretically, taking a full spectrum vitamin B tablet such as Stress Complex, rather than nutritional yeast, would work the same but I haven’t tried it. Nutritional yeast is available online.

The Miracle

One fine day a girlfriend was sprinkling nutritional yeast on her food. She said that it improved her mood and gave her a little buzz. I glanced at the ingredients and was astounded at the remarkable amount of B vitamins. A trip to the grocery store revealed that nutritional yeast is available in cans and from bins in the bulk foods section.

Nutritional yeast comes in flakes or powder. I prefer the powder because it dissolves more easily in warm liquid than the flakes. I’m not a big fan of the nutty yeast flavor so I just mix a heaping helping with the last gulp of my morning tea. I imagine that quality organic flakes would taste better than the stuff that I get out of the grocery store bins.

Peace At Last

It is a pleasure to be free from those nasty canker sores. It took some experimenting to get the system down pat. Finally the mystery is revealed. I started with one to two tablespoons of nutritional yeast every day and this worked quite well. Then I discovered home cooking.

Good Food Makes a Big Difference

As I began to cook my own food (stir fried fresh veggies and other quality whole foods), and stopped eating at restaurants, there was even more improvement. I reduced my daily nutritional yeast to about one teaspoon, and sometimes even skip a day or two just to give my body a rest from it. I haven’t had any canker sores for months now.


I’ve noticed a link between drinking alcohol and canker sores. Drinking plenty of water is good for the mouth. Alcohol does just the opposite – it causes dehydration.


Self hypnosis has helped me to successfully follow the Canker Sore Miracle Cure = Nutritional Yeast! plan. A self hypnosis script is in the original article.


Getting enough Vitamin B regularly, eating quality food, avoiding certain spicy and acidic foods, avoiding trauma to the mouth, and staying healthy, can be an effective plan to combat canker sores. Vitamin B from nutritional yeast on a regular basis has been very effective for me and apparently others, judging from the reactions.

This knowledge has been around for a long time. My article just presents it in a comprehensive and easy to understand and format. It is like a cheat sheet for canker sores.

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