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Help for Bruxism or Teeth Grinding


The cause(s), symptoms, and treatments of Teeth Grinding or Bruxism are a confusing array of possibilities such as:  a sleep disorder, emotional disturbance, acid reflux, disease, stress, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, dehydration, and the list goes on and on.

Relief was difficult for me to find because of the confusing and ineffective information offered.

Self hypnosis can help somewhat but it was not enough for me.

A dentist suggested a good stop gap measure is to buy a cheap mouth guard from the drug store and wear it at night.  It did protect my teeth and trained the jaw muscles not to clench but did not stop the bruxism.

I tried to reduce stress and calm my emotions and even lived like a monk with no smoking or drinking and practicing meditation and self hypnosis. This met with limited success. It was during the unconsciousness of deep sleep that the teeth grinding continued.

Finally one of my teeth cracked from the bruxism and it cost a very expensive visit to the dentist. This motivated me to search for a remedy and I finally found it! Here it is on the website of Dr. Galiffa.

The remedy is to always sleep on the back or side, and never on the stomach, or face,  to prevent placing pressure on the side of the face (jaw)! The jaw clenches during sleep to protect the teeth, mouth, and mandibular joint, from the pressure of sleeping on the side of the face. See Dr. Galiff’s website for a real detailed description.

Observe the picture of the sleeping woman in the picture for an example of the good sleeping position

Here is a quick run down of my simple method to stop teeth grinding or bruxism.

  • Always sleep on the back or side and never sleep on the stomach or the side of the face (jaw).
  • No pillow.  A pillow causes tension to the neck and changes the position of my jaw. Sleeping on my back without a pillow feels better and works for me. There are special pillows designed to help but I haven’t tried them.
  • During the day do not press the jaw or face on the hand or fingers. This is often done unconsciously and self hypnosis can help stop this.
  • Use self hypnosis and pay attention to stop clenching the jaw or pressing the jaw.
  • A cheap mouth guard from the drug store can help although I don’t need it any more.
  • Don’t sleep while drunk or if so  remember to be careful and drink plenty of water.
  • Address any emotional issues or possible disease with a medical professional.

A special thanks to Dr. Gallif

David Mazer





Invisible Dust Accumulates


After a thoughtful moment of staring at me, Hapkido master, Mr. Kim, declared: “Invisible Dust Accumulates.” Puzzled I politely asked what the heck he was talking about. He replied something about invisible dust blocking light. I replied that if the dust were invisible then how could it block light? He just shook his head.

That “Invisible Dust Accumulates” business seemed kind of funny to me but I did not laugh out loud because Mr. Kim was a hulking wall of muscles and had won Olympic gold medals in Hapkido among other things.

Fast-forward several years. Out of curiosity I was reading a book on the I-Ching when a clue to the mystery appeared: Hexagram 36 (Hiding Brightness). Here is one interpretation of the I Ching Hexagram 36: “…hide your light”.

I had guessed that the “invisible dust”  was of the chattering mind, which makes it difficult to see the “true self.” Meditation clears that “invisible dust” from the mirror of the mind.

Thinking back, he may have been referring to my slow progress in class, intimating that I must do better.

I Ching hexagram 36 is so very meaningful. The I Ching is a book worth reading. I highly recommend it.

Third Eye Induction Method

Third Eye Induction Method by David Mazer

Client rubs his face and spaces out. Space Face.

Go through visualization of third eye gaze head tilted back.

(Note to self: write visualization stuff here.)

This will work even on the most difficult subject. It is irresistible.

The resistant mind will concentrate on external senses such as hearing while purposefully suppressing the inevitable pull to relax. Resistance to the pull to relax from fear of loss of control. However, everybody must succumb, to relaxation and sleep. With the palm gently resting on the forehead or the hands cupping the eyes, the concentration of the resistant mind will tire, and the pleasure of relaxation of the eyes and face will compel blessed relaxation and resistance is futile: everybody succumbs.

With relaxation comes the subconscious to the fore.

Gently massaging the temples with the thumbs has a similar effect. For example: rest the forehead on the hands and simultaneously touch temples. Gently massage the temples and rest the forehead on the hands with the hands gently touching the forehead. As the body is compelled to relax there is a moment when suggestions can have greater impact.

Shockwave Flash Plugin Crash Problem Solved By Disabling the Plugin

SDC10943Shockwave Flash Plugin Crash Problem Solved by Disabling the Plugin

Brief description of the problem: The computer slows down, hangs-up, or crashes when Flash videos are accessed online with a browser. If the browser reports that Shockwave Flash is disabled, then go to the browser plugin options and be sure that the plugin is installed and enabled, or try using another browser. The following instructions are to resolve an issue where the enabled Shockwave Flash plugin causes the computer to crash.  

Work-around quick guide

1 –   Disable the Adobe Flash plugin in your main browser  (I use Firefox as my main browser).

2 – Enable the Adobe Flash plugin in your backup browser. (I use Internet Explorer as my secondary browser).

3 – When you encounter a video that does not work in the main browser, switch to your backup browser.

4 – In the backup browser, enter or paste the url of the website, and play the Flash video.

5 – Remember to close the backup  browser when finished watching the video (to prevent Flash from crashing the system).

NOTE: These instructions pertain to Flash as browser plugin, not the version of Flash that is downloaded and installed on the computer. The Flash browser plugin is what the computer uses to play videos online.


The Flash Crash Work-Around

The internet is abuzz with complaints about the Adobe Shockwave Flash plugin crashing or becoming unresponsive. It happens in both in the Firefox and the Chrome browsers. When the plugin crashes or becomes unresponsive the whole computer can freeze up or sometimes just the video or browser would fail.

Here’s how I fixed it.

  1. Open the “Add-ons” menu
  2. Locate the  drop down menu to the right of the Shockwave Flash plugin.
  3. Select “Never Activate”

Now whenever I start a YouTube video, there is for a split second the message: “This plugin is disabled” and then the video starts and runs perfectly with no crashes. Note: I previously tried setting the plugin to “Ask to Activate” but the problem returned.

I don’t usually use the Chrome browser but decided to test if the Shockwave Flash plugin could be disabled there as well.

Here’s the official instructons:

After disabling the Flash plugin in Chrome, I fired up a You Tube video, and it played perfectly.

As I type this, I have several You Tube videos playing on the Firefox and Google Chrome browsers simultaneously, all while the Flash plugins are disabled, with no crashes.

Bonus Tip! Rescue the computer when it gets snagged by an unresponsive website .

When the laptop computer becomes unresponsive while connecting to a slow website, disconnect the internet connection. This is a really big deal if you have unsaved work and the computer becomes unresponsive and rebooting will cause the loss of your work.

How to disconnect the internet connection:

  • Disconnect from the internet by pressing the internet connection button. On my laptop it is on the F12 key with a little shining led light.
  • Wait for the computer to start working again.
  • Press the internet connection light again to reconnect to the net.
  • Another option is to disconnect from the router or turn it off and wait a couple of minutes for the session to time out.
  • Do nothing and wait for the session to time out.

There are other reasons why a computer hangs up, such as malware, in which case, be sure that antivirus protection is running, and scan the computer for errors.

Another reason is that the there is “100% Disk” (view the Task Manager). I took two steps to get rid of this hassle in Windows 8:

In Control Panel under “Administrative Services”:

Disabled the automatic “defrag” operation. I will run it manually rather than letting it start on its own.

Examine the start-up items under “System Configuration”

Under Control Panel –> System –> Advanced System settings –> Advanced tab –> Performance settings –> Visual effects, change from “Let Windows Choose” too either “Best Performance”, or “Custom” and select your choice. “Best Performance” is not the most visually appealing and at the minimum I like to enable the “smooth screen fonts” option. Now my laptop is zippy!

There are lots of options under Control Panel worth investigating, includiing the Administrative area and turning off the User Account Control security feature, which I have turned completely off on my laptop.

Other actions that have helped my laptop speedup and stop crashing:

  • Run the CHKDSK command to fix disk errors.
  • Change around the UFEI settings in the bios.
  • Use a free system tool such as CCLEANER.
  • Run an antivirus program.
  • The care and feeding of the PC requires it to be regularly pruned and cared for. There are many possible causes for slow response and crashing and this is not a comprehensive list.
  • Install the NoScript plugin. I got tired of it always asking questions and decided to uninstall it. That is when the program asked if I wanted it run run in basic mode. I said yes, and it has been running silently in the background and the computer runs much better.
  • Install the “Disconnect” plugin for Firefox (there are other similar plugins for other browsers). It saves bandwidth by blocking advertisers, social media, and analytics tracking.


How to Talk with Your Subconscious

SDC10702This article is in progress….

You want to do something or stop doing something, change a habit, or make a decision. Why won’t we cooperate with ourselves? Why doesn’t all this hypnosis jazz and positive self-talk therapy seem to work? In the end we are stuck with our stubborn selves. It is as if there is another person living in the mind with a will of its own.

Well, there is this thing known as “repression”. Repression means forgetting or ignoring something that is painful or uncomfortable. The subconscious “forgets it”. Out of sight out of mind is not just a quaint folk expression. Repression is a survival mechanism to protect the body from the stressful memories and thoughts.

The reason why it is so hard to talk with the subconscious is because it doesn’t want to talk! It tunes out extraneous or harmful thoughts and focuses on survival. The subconscious is the physical body plus memories and thoughts. It communicates with feelings and symbols.

Treat the subconscious like an old friend. Have little one-on-one talk with your best buddy. Give ’em a pat on the back and relax. Now you can finally express yourself to yourself and come up with a solution. Use the higher brain to for logic and to distinguish between reality and imagination. The subconscious cannot tell the difference between imagination or reality. The subconscious is the imagination. The conscious mind is a “critical facility” that filters thoughts before allowing them to pass to the subconscious. Sometimes this does not always work out; but we are not perfect

The subconscious likes being treated like a 9 year old. Be gentle and kind and maybe some humor to lighten it up a bit. Like talking to someone you really care about,  come to an understanding, and figure out a plan.

The above is a good way to use self hypnosis for positive change. The subconscious can be reached using other cues such as: strong emotion, shock, and strong commands, to name a few.

A strong command can be useful to break a habit such as smoking. Self hypnosis is a focus of mental energy that the subconscious mind/body accepts. You can decide to quit smoking, and when the subconscious accepts, it will brace for the nicotine withdrawal. It will be a done deal. I know because I’ve done it myself.

Sometimes a gentle cajoling is best, depending on.

Keep in mind that the subconscious mind is not the same kind of mind as the conscious mind. The higher brain uses complex logic that the lower brain cannot understand. Think of the subconscious as a primitive brain on the level of a 9 year old. It understands feelings and emotions, and uses visual symbols and silent thought-words. This is a hint as to how the subconscious thinks and how to phrase your dialogue with it.

The subconscious can help the higher brain solve complex problems, and there are many examples of inventors, scientists, and artists going into an altered state to get ideas or from dreams. When the attention is focused the minds work together.

Talking with the subconscious includes listening to it. Getting too know and understand it is communicating with it. It may have some things to say. Talk to it in a language that it understands.

Use self hypnosis, meditation, or just slow down for some honest self reflection.

Some interesting links for reflection:

The Neurobiology of Grace Under Pressure

Biology of Kundalini

The Chi Center ~ Beginning Qigong Practice

To be continued…

Dreams and Hypnosis


Dreams and Hypnosis

To dream: or not to dream, that is the question.


This is a unique moment in history where instant knowledge is at the finger tips. Presto! Long hidden ancient knowledge is available on the internet. This windfall of knowledge is a double edged sword. Too much information causes the “Paradox of Choice” aka confusion. However, having a smorgasbord of knowledge, has advantages, as well.

Dream work exists in many cultures in the world. My experience is with Senoi dreamwork, western style lucid dreaming, Tibetan Dream Yoga, and other Sleep Yoga, upon which this article is based. A Korean mentor also gave me some insights into the meaning of dreams.

There is so much knowledge available on the internet, etc, that it would take a lifetime to research, that is why I am writing this now, otherwise it would never be done. A full analysis is beyond the scope of this article. It is meant to be a helpful guide.

Dream Yoga

There are two basic schools of lucid dreaming theory. One advocates active participation in lucid dreams, exploring and changing the dream. The other school is passive observation without attempting to change the dream. I generally prefer the passive observation style, but there can be value in purposefully changing of the dream experience.

Active Method: The Senoi dream work method was presented to me in a freshman cultural anthropology class. It suggests that in nightmares remain calm and confident and bravely turn to the nightmare monster (or whatever) and tell it: “You are merely a symbol, without substance, and you cannot harm me”. In doing this the dream monster will vanish like an illusion and the nightmare ends. This action helps  in understanding the problem as it exists in the waking world. The vanquished demon in the dream is symbolic of something in the waking world. In this way the psychology can be affected via dream work. This attitude of liberation from fear by remaining calm and  brave is also found in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Similarly, the martial arts teaches to keep a calm in the face of fear, so there really must be something to this remaining calm business!


Passive Method: Simply observe the dream and remember it. Write it down upon waking. Review your dream diary before bed and the expectation will lead to dreaming. A Tibetan method is to imagine a softly glowing light in the chest. Stay aware of the light while falling asleep all through the sleep period if possible. If not then try to keep even just a wisp of consciousness on the light while dozing off. Don’t sleep but  enter a twilight sleep and experience the clear white light of consciousness, where dreams are observed, as thoughts are during meditation. Just by the act observing, powerful psychological forces are set into motion. The subconscious percolates into the consciousness


In the twilight sleep (clear white light of consciousness) dreams no longer have the tremendous emotional power and this is liberating. It becomes possible to understand that the dream meanings are bodily sensations and memories all being associated by the reticular activating system. The mind looks for patterns by associating ideas. These associations are seen in dreams. Dreams are not mysterious. They are simply the bodily sensations and the brain trying to understand by recognizing patterns in life. Dreams are important messages from the body about it’s state of health and should be considered. Emotional issues z\are intertwined into the dream because the mind affects the body and visa versa the body affects the mind.

Example 1:  John has recurring nightmares about horrible angry demons with wild eyes stabbing him in the stomach. John realized that his drinking and eating habits have given him severe heartburn.Heart burn and stomach pain are sensations of burning anger. The burning angry stomach took shape as angry demons stabbing him in the stoomach.


Example 2: Fred dreams that a forlorn little boy is smiling at him pleading “Hey mister…Feed me!” Finally a woman gives the boy some hot roasted turkey and was very happy to eat it and even gave some to his dog. Fred recorded this dream in the morning in his dream diary. He was fascinated by the face of the little boy. In order to remember the dream he drew a sketch of the boy and the woman. Fred recalled that  during childhood he was very hungry and always looked forward to the Thanksgiving day feast. The face of the boy in the sketch is his own face as a child. The woman is his mother serving the dinner. The dog is his childhood pet. John realized that his rigorous diet was causing him hunger and nutritional deficiency. Fred reasoned that the message of the dream is that he needs to eat better.


Example 3: Sally dreams of a woman in a car wearing dark glasses giving her a mean look. Sally meditates on the feeling or emotional state she felt in the dream and how it relates to the waking state. She realizes that she is very angry about several issues in her life and that people often vent their anger while driving. Sally realizes that she is the woman in the dream. It is very common that different people in dreams are actually the self combined with mental associations about others. Sally decided find ways to reduce the stress and anger by changing her lifestyle to include better eating habits, exercise, and regular meditation or counseling.

But wait! This dream could have another meaning. It could simply be that cars were making a lot of noise while she was asleep. The person driving the car is Sally! The mind watches while sleeping and sees a person present. That person is the self. The mind associated the sound of the car driving by and the presence of a person (Sally herself) and the dream contained a car and a woman. Always consider the obvious when decoding a dream. Only the dreamer can figure out the true meanings. Sometimes other people appear in dreams but there is always an element of self in those dream images because the mind senses the body of the self lying there asleep.

Resolving to remain calm and brave in fearful circumstances has helped me to overcome Night Terrors.

There are may books and methods used to decipher the meaning of dreams, such as dream symbol encyclopedias, etc. My view is that each dream is personal and can only be understood by the dreamer. Dreams are closely connected with the reality. For example, if cold, one may dream of snow or coldness. If the stomach is painful or irritated there many be nightmares associated with the stomach or anger. During sleep the conscious mind recedes and the subconscious expands and there is more awareness of feeling. These feelings are of the physical body, including conflicts of the conscious mind, that affect the body.

To understand the dream ask: What does the dream make me feel? Is my body feeling alright? Are there any needs that may be associated with the dream? Is there anything in the waking world, such as conflicts, that relates to the dream.

As my Korean friend explained: “Dreams are a sign that there is something wrong” and “The best way to sleep is without dreaming”. There is a dreamless twilight sleep state known as Turiya, that is the goal of dream work. Where the body is uncomfortable it will be reflected in dreams. These dreams are unique and can only be truly understood by the individual. Meditation and dream work will help to understand your dreams.

There is great liberation in understanding dream, in facing the fear and understanding it. Once done, those fearsome or confusing dreams are understood to be symbols of discomfort. It helps to understand and heal the self.

For example: a pregnant friend related a dream where she was wading through a stream while holding her baby, when she was stabbed in the leg by a stick, and her husband was saying something like “No…go away”. To determine how this dream is associated with her non-sleeping state, I asked where in the dream the stick stabbed her leg. She pointed to a scar on her leg. In a moment of self realization she related how as a child, she waded across a stream, and was injured by a stick jabbing her leg. She was presently carrying a baby in her womb, and her husband was in reality nearby. The husband saying “No…go away” could have been the traumatic memory. I have found that other people in dreams, usually consist in part or wholly, as a reflection of the self.

The mind works by association of memories and sensations with the imagination. Recall the dream and let the mind free associate to find the personal meaning.


Dream meanings can be extrapolated from life issues that occupy the mind. The message in the dream can be deciphered by recalling the feeling in the dream and during each dream event. Recalling the dream feeling will trigger memories of that feeling in the waking state and it will become obvious why the mind has brought this thought to the fore. Sometimes there will be a reminder or a solution to a problem. Don’t be carried away by the imagination. The dream is just a reflection of life and it seems strange because of the awesome power of the imagination. The brain contains naturally occurring psychoactive compounds and that is why a glimpse into that subconscious realm is confusing and exciting.

Other things that cause dream events are the remants of ancient reflexes such as floating, flying, falling, from the days as mammals swimming in the ocean. There are other physical reflexes such the freezing of the muscles to prevent thrashing around during dreams or perhaps the remants of ancient reflexes to hold the breath under water. Night terrors, where the body is paralyzed and there is difficulty breathing, may be related to these reflexes. In any event I have cured myself of the Night Terrors, Sleep Paralysis, or visits by the Succubus / Incubus.


Night Terrors, Sleep Paralysis, or visits by the Succubus / Incubus


How I cured my Night Terrors: See the above under the Dream Yoga heading.

Basically the way I did it was using bravery. While waking-up from sleep,  I could not move or breathe and was afraid of dying. The fear was so profound that I repressed it from my consciousness. The solution came after reading the Tibetan Book of The Dead where it says to remain calm and know that you are immortal and everything will be OK. The important thing is to remain calm and trusting.

The next time that the sleep paralysis occurred I was able to remember the instructions in the Tibetan Book and simply accepted what was happening, remembering that everything is an illusion and stayed calm. (This principle is consistent with the Senoi dream work outlined above). After doing this a couple times the night terrors vanished completely and never returned. I was also able to detect and stop my nocturnal teeth grinding (bruxism) by adjusting the sleeping position by never sleeping on the face and jaw bone. Read about it at this link:

Practicing lucid dreaming and meditation helps to become aware of dreaming. The simple affirmation to remember the dreams before bedtime is enough. Writing a dream diary first thing in the morning and reading it before bedtime is a very powerful action. The goal is to maintain even the slightest shred of consciousness throughout sleep. Doing this one becomes aware of the subconscious.


To Be continued…


How to lucid dream

To dream: or not to dream, that is the question.

Twilight dreamless sleep

Night Terrors


Hypnotic Dreaming




more to come…







Hypnosis as Attention. Hypnosis, Buddha, and Einstein


Foolish, ignorant people indulge in careless lives, whereas a clever man guards his attention as his most precious possession. – The Buddha

Hypnosis is defined as “a state of focused attention”.

The Buddha’s attention in the moment was so profound that his presence simply amazed people.

Albert Einstein said:  “Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves. “

A focused attention is powerful whereas a divided attention does not trigger as powerful response from the Reticular Activating System (RAS).

By paying close attention to the link between the thought stream and the behavior, the clever person guards the most precious possession: the attention.

Attention is our navigation system through life. Focused attention, invokes the Reticular Activating System, the genius power of the subconscious mind.

If you want to stop a habit, such as smoking, then pay attention. The subconscious mind will respond.



SDC10818What is hypnosis?

It happens all the time
Entranced by mobile device
Staring off into space
Transfixed in reverie
Unaware of surroundings
Suddenly you snap out of it
The daydream is forgotten
Experience floods your attention
You make a mental note to remember but soon forget
Forgetting is hypnosis
Forgetting the connections of experiences to memories and habits
The mind wanders willy-nilly, remembering, imagining, forgetting
Memories are sometimes only at the very edge of awareness
In dreamy sleep the hidden self awakes, remembers, notices
Hypnosis is the rhythm of emotional states, memories, and behaviors
that the critical eye censors
You can learn to recognize and change your hidden scripts
The  answer was there all along. It is a liberating experience.

Hypnosis uses deep relaxation and mind expansion.

Habits are changed by bypassing the critical eye and reprogramming the subconscious mind using affirmation and suggestion.

The mental narrative is customized to reflect the desired outcome. As the thought patterns change the behavior can change.