Third Eye Induction Method

Third Eye Induction Method by David Mazer

Client rubs his face and spaces out. Space Face.

Go through visualization of third eye gaze head tilted back.

(Note to self: write visualization stuff here.)

This will work even on the most difficult subject. It is irresistible.

The resistant mind will concentrate on external senses such as hearing while purposefully suppressing the inevitable pull to relax. Resistance to the pull to relax from fear of loss of control. However, everybody must succumb, to relaxation and sleep. With the palm gently resting on the forehead or the hands cupping the eyes, the concentration of the resistant mind will tire, and the pleasure of relaxation of the eyes and face will compel blessed relaxation and resistance is futile: everybody succumbs.

With relaxation comes the subconscious to the fore.

Gently massaging the temples with the thumbs has a similar effect. For example: rest the forehead on the hands and simultaneously touch temples. Gently massage the temples and rest the forehead on the hands with the hands gently touching the forehead. As the body is compelled to relax there is a moment when suggestions can have greater impact.

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