Help for Bruxism or Teeth Grinding


The cause(s), symptoms, and treatments of Teeth Grinding or Bruxism are a confusing array of possibilities such as:  a sleep disorder, emotional disturbance, acid reflux, disease, stress, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, dehydration, and the list goes on and on.

Relief was difficult for me to find because of the confusing and ineffective information offered.

Self hypnosis can help somewhat but it was not enough for me.

A dentist suggested a good stop gap measure is to buy a cheap mouth guard from the drug store and wear it at night.  It did protect my teeth and trained the jaw muscles not to clench but did not stop the bruxism.

I tried to reduce stress and calm my emotions and even lived like a monk with no smoking or drinking and practicing meditation and self hypnosis. This met with limited success. It was during the unconsciousness of deep sleep that the teeth grinding continued.

Finally one of my teeth cracked from the bruxism and it cost a very expensive visit to the dentist. This motivated me to search for a remedy and I finally found it! Here it is on the website of Dr. Galiffa.

The remedy is to always sleep on the back or side, and never on the stomach, or face,  to prevent placing pressure on the side of the face (jaw)! The jaw clenches during sleep to protect the teeth, mouth, and mandibular joint, from the pressure of sleeping on the side of the face. See Dr. Galiff’s website for a real detailed description.

Observe the picture of the sleeping woman in the picture for an example of the good sleeping position

Here is a quick run down of my simple method to stop teeth grinding or bruxism.

  • Always sleep on the back or side and never sleep on the stomach or the side of the face (jaw).
  • No pillow.  A pillow causes tension to the neck and changes the position of my jaw. Sleeping on my back without a pillow feels better and works for me. There are special pillows designed to help but I haven’t tried them.
  • During the day do not press the jaw or face on the hand or fingers. This is often done unconsciously and self hypnosis can help stop this.
  • Use self hypnosis and pay attention to stop clenching the jaw or pressing the jaw.
  • A cheap mouth guard from the drug store can help although I don’t need it any more.
  • Don’t sleep while drunk or if so  remember to be careful and drink plenty of water.
  • Address any emotional issues or possible disease with a medical professional.

A special thanks to Dr. Gallif

David Mazer





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