How to Talk with Your Subconscious

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You want to do something or stop doing something, change a habit, or make a decision. Why won’t we cooperate with ourselves? Why doesn’t all this hypnosis jazz and positive self-talk therapy seem to work? In the end we are stuck with our stubborn selves. It is as if there is another person living in the mind with a will of its own.

Well, there is this thing known as “repression”. Repression means forgetting or ignoring something that is painful or uncomfortable. The subconscious “forgets it”. Out of sight out of mind is not just a quaint folk expression. Repression is a survival mechanism to protect the body from the stressful memories and thoughts.

The reason why it is so hard to talk with the subconscious is because it doesn’t want to talk! It tunes out extraneous or harmful thoughts and focuses on survival. The subconscious is the physical body plus memories and thoughts. It communicates with feelings and symbols.

Treat the subconscious like an old friend. Have little one-on-one talk with your best buddy. Give ’em a pat on the back and relax. Now you can finally express yourself to yourself and come up with a solution. Use the higher brain to for logic and to distinguish between reality and imagination. The subconscious cannot tell the difference between imagination or reality. The subconscious is the imagination. The conscious mind is a “critical facility” that filters thoughts before allowing them to pass to the subconscious. Sometimes this does not always work out; but we are not perfect

The subconscious likes being treated like a 9 year old. Be gentle and kind and maybe some humor to lighten it up a bit. Like talking to someone you really care about,  come to an understanding, and figure out a plan.

The above is a good way to use self hypnosis for positive change. The subconscious can be reached using other cues such as: strong emotion, shock, and strong commands, to name a few.

A strong command can be useful to break a habit such as smoking. Self hypnosis is a focus of mental energy that the subconscious mind/body accepts. You can decide to quit smoking, and when the subconscious accepts, it will brace for the nicotine withdrawal. It will be a done deal. I know because I’ve done it myself.

Sometimes a gentle cajoling is best, depending on.

Keep in mind that the subconscious mind is not the same kind of mind as the conscious mind. The higher brain uses complex logic that the lower brain cannot understand. Think of the subconscious as a primitive brain on the level of a 9 year old. It understands feelings and emotions, and uses visual symbols and silent thought-words. This is a hint as to how the subconscious thinks and how to phrase your dialogue with it.

The subconscious can help the higher brain solve complex problems, and there are many examples of inventors, scientists, and artists going into an altered state to get ideas or from dreams. When the attention is focused the minds work together.

Talking with the subconscious includes listening to it. Getting too know and understand it is communicating with it. It may have some things to say. Talk to it in a language that it understands.

Use self hypnosis, meditation, or just slow down for some honest self reflection.

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To be continued…

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