Locate the Third Eye and Altered Consciousness

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The little notch between the eyebrows along and above the ridge of the brow can be felt with the finger.  A mythical remnant of the 3rd eye socket.  See images of the bindi which is a dot worn as decoration to mark the spot.

It is called Yintang acupuncture point and is used to calm the mind. Here is an excellent diagram of the exact location.

Applying gentle acupressure with the fingers in a counterclockwise motion increases the mind altering effect. It is powerfully relaxing and can lead to a trance.

With the inner eye gaze at the spot where the finger is touching the 3rd eye. Peer through the 3rd eye into the inky imagination. The eyes may cross and roll back.

Focus on the farthest point of light in your imagination just like the Hubble telescope pictures of oldest light in the universe look for the faintest light. The gaze into the distance increases the depth perception of the imagination. Stare far off into the imaginary distance as possible.

Just relax and let go even for just a moment. Give in to the restful release of relaxation. Gently covering the eyes with cupped hands (no pressure on the eyes) is also very relaxing.

Gently rubbing the soft spot in the center of the forehead, the feeling is overwhelming, the nerves are triggered for complete relaxation as the body goes into trance. People unconsciously touch or rub their forehead when exasperated because it is relaxing.

Focus the imagination on these 3rd eye points. Feel these areas physically and imagine looking into them from inside the head looking out. Look into the space behind the forehead, peer out to the image projected, from slightly in front of the face, to infinity. This is where dreams appear. Focus on the 3rd eye area and the body automatically will starts become aware of it. Feel it with the body and the mind both at the same time.

The orb of the mental image spreads out peripherally to the temples.

The theater of imagination is just above the level of gaze of the eyes and in front of the eyes in the normal range of vision. Gazing farther up into the forehead the image gets less distinct. According to NLP theory when the eyes look up the mind is accessing long term memory. Between the eyebrows is where the image displays when the mind is concentrating. As the gaze moves farther up to the forehead, the feeling perhaps because different eye muscles are engaged. There is a distinctive feel to each of these spots. Concentrate on one of the two 3rd eye spots while simultaneously feeling the sensation there.

With closed eyes, gaze out from the pineal gland, through the 3rd eye in the forehead, out into the imagination The eyes will gratefully relax and roll up. It is  very relaxing and pleasurable to gaze upon the imagination. Touch or rub the third eye and gaze into the imaginary distance for a powerful effect. Just lightly touching the forehead with the finger tip can trigger a deep response.

The temples are two more soft spots around the eyes. Rubbing the temples feels kind of the same as the third eye. Gentle massage places pleasurable pressure on the eye muscles and the optic nerves. Closing the eyes makes the temple experience more dramatic. It is a meditation technique in its own right.

This trance state is good for self hypnosis or meditation. Hypnosis uses the imagination to change beliefs.



Watch the image as long as possible while falling asleep and while waking up. Stay aware of the light. Even a slight awareness. The twilight zone between waking and sleeping is called twilight sleep or the clear light dream by the Tibetans.

The image to be concentrated on while falling asleep according to Tibetan dream work is an OM symbol or just a softly glowing light in the chest. These soft glowing lights are the stuffs of imagination. The imagination uses them to “paint” a picture on the theater. This become evident when observing from a lucid dream state. The lights draw colorful psychedelic cartoons reflecting whatever is concentrated upon. The mind’s eye peers at the lights flashing around on the mental screen and tries to discern patterns. A guess is made and the mind begins to build upon that assumption and the image is the beginning of a belief. Seeing is believing.

When the mind concentrates upon an idea or an image it is painted in the imagination in a fascinating multidimensional moving picture show composed of the light of imagination. That movie appears in the 3rd eye.


Ego and Imagination

Ego and the imagination are entwined and can cause in misunderstandings. The clear and detached mind questions beliefs and assumptions.

There is a difference between truth and imagination. Consider if the attitude is based upon truth, or the imagination, or perhaps that little voice. The inner vision points out the direction that life takes. When false beliefs are discarded truth remains. That little voice or idea could be wrong. Recognizing a false belief can be a cathartic or liberating and life changing experience.

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