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Hypno News

Yogic insight into Marijuana

Hypnosis does not cut post-op pain in breast cancer surgery

RFK assassination hypno-programming, second gunman theories

Alan Watts – We Are All Hypnotized (Must Listen)

Surprise: Hypnosis is a Medical Solution

The Manipulation of Spiritual Experience: Unethical Hypnosis in Destructive Cults

Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors

How Subliminal Messages Control Your Mind

Digital Addiction Causes Hunchback

11 Best Ways to Lose Weight, According to Science (+12 Delicious Weight Loss Recipes)

AI vs. AI. Two chatbots talking to each other

Live music events could reduce stress hormones

Occulus Rift could destroy families and relationships

BBC use of face-scanning technology to illustrate subconscious reactions to programs

Man walks off cliff and falls to his death on Christmas while distracted by his cell phone

No Luck Club-(What Is) Pop Music?

Chinese Boot Camp for Teens Addicted to Phones

The Trouble With Hypnosis

The Psychology of Doing Nothing – Professor Helga Drummond

We Are Built To Be Kind

Is it true that yoga will awaken deeper energy, which is called kundalini?

Five-year-old girl hypnotizes animals with the stroke of her hand

The Engineering of Consent

Episodic Memory: Dogs Forget Yesterday

Self Hypnotic Nintaijitsu Breathing Exercise

Freud: How To Forget The Past

Simon Cowell confirms ‘surreal’ dog hypnotism at Britain’s Got Talent auditions

Simon Cowell Collapses After Being Hypnotized By A Dog

Rachmaninoff used hypnosis to begin writing again

Mass Hypnosis Climate Change

For Auld Lang Syne – Sydney’s New Years Eve Fireworks

Mind Over Matter- Thoughts Can Build Muscles

News Addiction is bad for you

Exercise may prevent the brain from shrinking

ADD is Real

How to get Cheap Therapy

Lawyer Probed For Hypnotizing Female Clients

Elliot Roe interview: Improving Poker Performance with Hypnosis

Australian record smashed when Jordan Tirekidis looses 200 lbs with life saving hypnotherapy

Hypnosis in Japan possibly helped Eric Burdon’s vocal chops

Health Insurance for Smoking Cessation Services

Singing, the Big O, and the Vagus Nerve

Glitter and Hypnosis Jimmy Page Interviewed

Using Hypnosis for a Better Business

Hypnosis for Childhood Asthma

Eiriou Eolas – deal with anxiety using your vagus nerve

Using hypnosis to understand the disordered mind

Stars Under Hypnosis: the French TV show coming to Britain

Marcus Raichle on the ‘default mode network’

How to Focus a Wandering Mind | Greater Good

Brain decoder records your inner voice

Hypno buzz….!!

Entranced pilot to circumnavigate the earth in a solar powered plane

Mesmerizing looping works of art

$13.5M Tobacco Award to widow after hypnosis fails to stop smoking

Online Dreaming Experience of a Google Glass Internet Addict

Shocking: Collar of Obedience wearable tech device delivers electric shock to force change of habits.

Teenager recovers from trichotillomia (hair pulling) not by hypnosis but by an innovative medical device.

The Art of Creative Laziness

Hypnosis Diagnosis

Stage Fright

Multi-tasking makes your Brain Shrink

Hypno Sasquatch

Almost Healed — Post Adult Contemporary

Hypno Hick

Marijuana vs hypnosis and other methods for pain relief

Hypnosis anesthesia

Wealden adopts new hypnotism guidelines

Online marketing influence on business and how IKEA uses hypnosis

Lindsay Lohan tries hypnosis to quit the cigarette habit

IKEA Experiments with Hypnosis and Time Travel

Hypno Golf with Tiger

Smartphones Stunt Students Social Skills

Fiber optic memory switch changes the associations of emotions and memory

10 Bad Habits for Health, Happiness, and Success

Lean Back not In

PTSD and Memory

Hypnosis helps children cope with stress from NAPLAN tests

The Seven-Per-Cent Solution (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Hypno Barbie Living Dolls

Tips on Weight Loss with Hypnosis

Weight loss and Hypnosis

Parasomnia and Hypnosis

Twitter can induce ‘psychotic symptoms

Andy Warhol Film Cue Hypnosis

Happiness is a Big Surprise

Migraine Headache Relief with Hypnosis

Don’t Open That Door! #61: The Aztec Mummy aka La Momia Azteca (1957)

“Shark Wisperers” have the Power to Hypnotize Sharks

“Society X: Living Dolls” Hypnotized


Help for Veterans in Dade City includes Hypnosis

Trustworthiness is judged within the first second of meeting

Real ‘Sybil” Admits Multiple Personalities Were Phony

5 Apps Designed to Help Build Self-Esteem

Study links Acupuncture and Hypnosis and Relief from Hot Flashes

Communicating with the Subconscious with NLP

I Tried It: Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Hypnosis Reduced Hot Flashes By 94%

NJ comedian explores alternative therapy in new web series

E-cigs and Vaping alternative to hypnosis to help quit smoking?

Hypnotic and shimmering music

Can hypnosis help your sleep

Maori King’s son uses “cultural hypnosis” legal defense

Lauren Kling Finds Her Poker Edge in Hypnotherapy

Researchers find that meditation really does reduce stress

Psychologist has knee replacement surgery with hypnosis

Erika Fromm argued that hypnosis works much faster than psychoanalysis

Are you hypnotized by advertising

Michael Jackson quizzed under hypnosis

Stephen King: ‘Writing is hypnosis’

Bay area techies go cold turkey at ‘digital detox’ camp

Is there really an unconscious mind?

Sleep Training Tips

Girl, 11, overcomes crippling fear of dogs thanks to HYPNOTISM – now she’s got a puppy

TV is so powerful that the British Hypnotism Act (1952) bans hypnotism TV shows

Hypnosis + Music = Hyp-Note-Therapy: James Giunta at TEDxNavesink

Woman hypnotized to think she had gastric band surgery looses 3 stone and saves £6000

Singer sang during throat operation while under hypnosis

Hypnotized musician sings during surgery to save her voice

Combat hypnotism: The Bottle of Wine Technique

Hypnosis: Focusing the Subconscious on Change

The Truth about Hypnotism

Text messaging program helps quitters to stop smoking by reinforcing suggestions

Shy girl overcomes agoraphobia and panic attacks through hypnosis

Hypnosis could replace sleep medication for better sleep

Hypnosis extends slow-wave sleep

Hypnosis TV

Can hypnosis heal a broken heart?

‘I’ll Say She Is,’ ‘Lost’ Marx Brothers Musical Not Seen for 90 Years has a hypnosis segment

New Hot Trends for Teens: Mass Hysteria and Hypnosis

Hypnotism ‘speeds up cancer op recovery and cuts chance of it returning’

Swedish sci-fi thriller LFO

Selective Eating Disorder cured with hypnotism

Matt Damon quits smoking with hypnotism

Mama June undergoes hypnosis to cure fear of MAYONNAISE

Communism, Hypnotism, and the Beatles

Pass the driving test with hypnosis

New York state court limits hypnotism as a tool

The medical value of hypnotism

Hypnotism in Poker

Hypnotism changes the brain

Ban on hypnotism lifted in Huntington Beach

Tooth extraction using hypnosis to block pain

Bruxism – teeth grinding – parafunctional habit treated by changing sleep posture

Phone addiction could damage parent – child bond

Hypnotically refreshed testimony is permissible

Texting while walking is riskier than while driving

People think more objectively in the dark and more emotionally in the light

Record breaking supersonic skydiver used hypnotherapy to overcome anxiety and claustrophobia

Scientists prove that post hypnotic suggestion can be inherited through genes and then passed down through two generations

Placebo Power

Psychiatrist’s candid thoughts on the OD death of star Philip Seymour Hoffman

Beatlemania: Mass hypnosis hypnowars of entertainment vying for attention

Hypnotic interactive globe displays the Earth’s sea currents

Hypnotist Dan Jones writes novel “The Hypnotic Assassin” while entranced

Mischa Barton Stars as Jean Harlow in Film Written Under Hypnosis

Doctors successfully heal through hypnosis

Entranced mobile device users oblivious to danger

Tourist walks off pier while engrossed in Facebook

Highway hypnosis train wreck

Cyberbullying and sleep texting

Hypnobirthing at the hospital

Mental benefits of hypnosis

Hypnosis is gaining popularity

Mike Tyson was hypnotized before fights

Autistic children treated with hypnosis

IBS treated with hypnosis

False memories and hypnosis

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