SDC10818What is hypnosis?

It happens all the time
Entranced by mobile device
Staring off into space
Transfixed in reverie
Unaware of surroundings
Suddenly you snap out of it
The daydream is forgotten
Experience floods your attention
You make a mental note to remember but soon forget
Forgetting is hypnosis
Forgetting the connections of experiences to memories and habits
The mind wanders willy-nilly, remembering, imagining, forgetting
Memories are sometimes only at the very edge of awareness
In dreamy sleep the hidden self awakes, remembers, notices
Hypnosis is the rhythm of emotional states, memories, and behaviors
that the critical eye censors
You can learn to recognize and change your hidden scripts
TheĀ  answer was there all along. It is a liberating experience.

Hypnosis uses deep relaxation and mind expansion.

Habits are changed by bypassing the critical eye and reprogramming the subconscious mind using affirmation and suggestion.

The mental narrative is customized to reflect the desired outcome. As the thought patterns change the behavior can change.


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